Leon David Plonski ist ein 19 jähriger Künstler aus Berlin. Seine Kunst beschreibt er als abstrakt-expressiv.

As a student, choked by all the stuff I had to learn – knowing, I would never use it again – I have never been fully aware of my potential, although arts have always played a decisive role in my life.
All along I enjoyed painting with acryl and thinking abstractly about the world. As my head didn’t stop musing, I decided to boost myself after school had been finished. Now I was free to just do the things I loved and briefly after that I even surprised my relations with my inner secret.
Try to keep me from painting – I won’t. It is a blessing not to know what your mind will bring up the next day – well, at least most of the time
There is just no other way for me to relax and create at the same time, than painting thoughts, feelings and beliefs out of my head. Looking at my creations, I can precisely see that they are going to move the world – the same way as they move me.
To me, creativity is an inner need for producing unique and rich artworks. I do adore the miracle of life, thus I bailed my work out of my education, my practise and my experience.

Feel free to discover my work and get deepened by me deepening my passion…

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